Wongan Hills – Gold and Base Metals


Wongan Hills, Western Australia

Cullen, together with Tregor Pty Ltd (10%), holds E70/4882 in the Wongan Hills area where Cullen has completed further laterite sampling programmes and an airborne VTEM geophysical survey with highly encouraging results. In Cullen’s opinion, the geochemical anomalies in laterite at Wongan Hills, closely resemble the geochemical signature in laterite on the Golden Grove volcanic-hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) deposit. Moreover, there are interpreted bedrock conductors clustered within Cullen’s geochemical anomalies.

Cullen concludes that the Wongan Hills project presents:

• A favourable geological setting for VHMS deposits anArchaean greenstone belt with known Cu­Au mineralisation with several VHMS targets now defined by significant, coincident geochemical anomalies and interpreted bedrock conductors;

• Compelling late rite geochemistry with some similarities to that of the 50Mt Golden Grove VHMS system (as shown herein by CHI – 3 geochemical index e.g.);

• Five clusters of bedrock conductors, over strike lengths of ~0.4 -1.5km are entirely coincident with significant CH 1-3 geochemical index anomalies; and,

• The geochemical anomalies with interpreted bedrock conductors are untested by any previous drilling.


Next Steps 

Modelling of the VTEM conductors, together with a field review will further prioritise targets planned for ground EM surveys. However, it is envisaged that several of the targets within E70/4882 warrant drill­testing and as most of these are located on freehold, arable farm land, a compensation agreement with the landowner(s) is required to permit further exploration. Cullen plans to negotiate the required agreements to permit access and/or drilling as soon as possible. 


Clusters of Interpreted Bedrock Conductors (1-6)



Geochemical Data Comparison